PARadise Academy 

Changes we have carried out

Technical details modified.

Problems 2A-1 on changed to in
English 1-1 answers missing r, v
Problems 3-15 Q10 answer glitch remedied
Problems 4-13 Q2 pound now shows not dollar (for UK)
Spelling 3-7 Q1 answer glitch fixed
Number Skills 11 new lessons added (51–61)
Algebra – 24B new lesson: Factorising when coefficient is > 1
English 6 - 14 Q9 alternate answer added: boil
Spelling 8 - 16 Q8 re-written
Graphs 9P added: Finding the intersection of 2 graphs.
Problems 4-2 Q4 spelling (typo) corrected
Graphs 9M Cycle Tours >> Bike Trips in Q1
English 3-19 Q5 alternate answer option included
Literary Devices Lessons A B C D E F added
Graphs 9L several answer options added
Spelling 1-2 Q6 Put capital on Nanna
Fractions 27C new question layout and answer format
Sec Measurement –11 Q8 answer corrected to 1.9
Sec Measurement –11 Q7 & 9 rewritten for clarity.
English HW D-19 The crossword clue numbered 9 corrected to 7.
Sundry Skills 1AB Days in a week etc >> Measurement A-12AB
Sundry Skills 2 Sharing with remainders >> 49C Number Skills
Sundry Skills 3, 9 proportion >> Ratios 3CD
Sundry Skills 4AB Weight comparison >> Measurement C-13AB
Sundry Skills 5AB Degrees on clock face >> 21BC in Shape & Space
Sundry Skills 6 & 7 Large numbers >> Number Literacy G2 & G3
Sundry Skills 8AB Roman Numerals >> Number Skills 51AB
Sundry Skills 10 Probability Qs >> Probability 1A
Sundry Skills 11AB Scale size to real life >> Measurement D –15BC
Shape & Space–33 Q9 diagram clarified
Fractions 7AB + Equivalence page added (AB >> CD)
Problems 5A-2 Q3 has (528 + 284) added in to clarify.

Problems 2-6 Q1 layout tweaked
Fractions Revision B-4B Q8, 5A Q5, 5B Q5 Instruction added: Make an equivalent fraction
Fractions -7AB Instruction added: Make these fractions equivalent.
Spelling 3-25 added to software.
Reading Graphs D-2 Q6 answer glitch fixed.
Fractions 11-CD pound/dollar sorted
Binary lessons added. 7 of. Some more to come.
Verbal Reasoning - 41 Q5 Answer is $=<
Verbal Reasoning - 42 Q5, 6 + * ! $ (last clue) should be + * ! %
Fact Families 7 Q10 fixed font on a 7
Sec Revision A-4 Q2 answer box problem fixed
Spelling 5 - 4 Q10 Question partly re-written to reflect (some) UK pronunciation

Algebra 23 A to F, 25 Tweaks to answer formats in software.
Algebra B-14B Q5 reworded slightly for clarification.
Algebra B-14B Q8 rewritten
Spelling 3-23 Q3 answer glitch fixed
Punctuation C-4 Comma taken out & replaced with a full stop.
Sec Measurement – 6A Q2 minute hand changed to hour hand. Answer remains.
Algebra Details / Summary Page in Help files show First Year, Second Year & Full programme.

Problems 6-14 Q8 answer and 74 kg changed to 72 kg to reflect PDF.
Ratios 6A Q9 Removed misleading part inadvertently left in it.
Algebra 16 B added (old B becomes C); D added (old C&D >> E&F)
Verbal Reasoning-47 Q10 ‘Use an e’ inserted to limit answers.
Maths 2A-4 Q9 brought into line with paper copy.
Sec Percentages-5B Q2 answer tweaked, software reworded.
Sec Percentages-5B Q10 reworded, answer changed .
Technical tweaks to Auto-Updating

Problems 5-13 Q8 input fixed
Parts of Speech-1 Q4 ‘to survive’ rewritten as ‘for survival’
Sec Revision A and B answer formats have had tweaks
Error Correction - 4 Removed duplicate line from instructions
Usage B-14 Q7 spelling error corrected
New lessons: Algebra 20F, 21H2, 21H3, 21L
Time, Analogue – 3 Extra words in question deleted
Ratios 3B, 4A added. (Old 4 becomes 4B)
Secondary Topics Percentages 5B – new lesson
Ratios 6A, 6B added. (Old 6 becomes 6C)
Usage A - 13 A ? added to Q5
Quiz - The Western Orchestra Q7 ‘flute’ replaced with ‘cornet’
11+ taken from English menu, Reasoning reinstated in menu with Logic & Verbal Reasoning listed. Parts of Speech shown as separate entry. Reading Tests listed under Reading Skills. Error Correction shown as separate listing.
Technical improvements in updater

Reading Graphs D-3 Q3 has comment added
Spelling 8-1 technical glitch in question 10 corrected
Reading Tables C-1 Q9 Hint given
Algebra B–26B Q8 alternate answer added
Anagrams C4 Q8 alternate answer added: paste
Spelling 9-1 mammalian changed to mammal
Spelling 9-1 Q1 changed to use another list word
Spelling 9-1 Q9 warm-blooded added to Q
Maths 2A-2 Q3 alien hieroglyphics removed
Analogue Clock technical tweaks

Technical tweaks made
Algebra B-16B Q1Area = 78 & answers brought into line with PDF
Problems 5-14 Q6 answer changed to 92 & Q tweaked
Problems 5-15 Q1 cents / p fixed in Q for UK version
Problems 6-12 Q4 answer corrected to 50
Reading Graphs D-2 Q2 Answer options tweaked.
Reading Graphs D-2 Q6 format changed to drop-down list
Algebra Details tweaked
Spelling 8-19 Q2 reworded
New English menu: 11+ ; Parts of Speech added – 13 lessons
Error Correction moved to 11+ in main English menu
Number Literacy (28 lessons) added to Sundry Skills in Maths menu

Technical tweaks made
Graphs 15 Q9, 10 answer format improved
Problems 6-5 Q7 answer format improved
Problems 5-15 Q2 Technical glitch fixed
Place Value C-8 Q16 removed unwanted graphics visitor
Reading Scales A-3 Q9 Answer corrected to 55

Version rolled out. Auto-updating is main new feature.