PARadise Academy 

Secondary Revision summary pages

Secondary Revision A [Year 9]

A1 - A5Number – no calculators allowed
Percentages, decimals, fractions, rounding, square roots, exponents,
prime numbers, integers, prime factors
A6 - A10Number – calculators needed
Percentages, decimals, fractions, fractions as decimals, rounding, integers,
basic algebra: solving, expand, diameter cp radius, brackets
A11 - A15Number, angles, measurement
Fraction as a decimal, g as kg, area, time, speed, circumference, tonnes,
name the marked angle, % of $, volume, rounding, complement
A16 - A20Measurement, geometry, number
Reading scales, supplementary angles, 24 hour time, Integers, area, perimeter,
fraction as a percentage, column vector for translations, tonnes as kg, bearings,
angles, rotational symmetry, rounding, speed, area of a circle
A21 - A25Algebra, statistics, geometry
Expanding, algebraic expressions, substitution, integers, combining like terms,
formulas, solving, locating coordinates, factorising, simplifying division in algebra,
pie graphs, probability, corresponding/alternate/co-interior angles, modes,
medians, means, range

Secondary Revision B [Year 10]

B1 - B5Number – no calculators allowed
Multiples, scales, percentages, percentage gain, integers, decimals, fractions, ratios,
sharing in ratios, standard form, significant figures, approximation
B6 - B10Number – calculators permitted
Percentages, fractions as %, interest, discount, rounding, square roots, exponents,
sharing in ratios, standard form, significant figures
B11 - B15Measurement
24-hour time, area of compound shapes, area of a triangle, mg = __g, area of a circle,
volume of cuboid, surface area of cuboid, circumference, volume of a cone, area of trapezium,
volume of prism, surface area of prism, volume of a square based pyramid, volume of a sphere
B16 - B20Geometry
Complement, calculating the angles marked using corresponding / alternate / co-interior angles,
angle in a semi-circle, angle sum of triangle, bearings etc
B21 - B25Geometry
Exterior angles of a polygon, sum of the interior angles of a polygon, parallelograms,
trapeziums, interior angles of a regular pentagon, translation as a column vector,
axes of symmetry on kite, angle at which the diagonals of a kite intersect, centre of rotation,
transformations, scale factor
B26 - B30Geometry, Algebra
Vectors, enlargements - scale factors, lengths or angles found using Pythagoras or trigonometry,
substitution, multiplying terms, adding like terms, perimeter using algebra
B31 - B35Algebra
Expand, simplify, factorise, expand double brackets, simplify square roots, solve equations,
simplify algebraic fractions, factorise quadratics, calculate coordinates from a rule / formula
B36 - 40Statistics & more
Distance/time graphs, gradients of lines, y intercepts, coordinates, means, modes, medians,
range, quartiles, stem & leaf graphs, probability tree diagrams, probability